2019 CUGH Conference    I    March 8 - 10, 2019   I   Satellite Sessions  March 7, 2019   |   Hilton  Chicago Hotel    I   Chicago, IL​​

Satellite Session | FULL DAY Workshop

​Emergency Care Health Systems Development


Thursday March 7, 2019
8:00am - 5:00pm

Hilton Chicago Hotel
Chicago, Illinois

  • Registration is free but required.
  • Registration for the satellite session is separate from registration for the CUGH conference.

  • CME Credit will be available for the session.


  • University of Wisconsin, Madison - Global Health Institute

A decade ago, the 60th World Health Assembly called upon member states to develop emergency care systems. Since that time, many groups have heeded the call and sought to improve emergency trauma worldwide, and WHO has develooped an internal unit focussed on this veryissue. During this satelllite session, we will bring together international leaders from academia, government, the non-governmental sector and public health development agencies to discuss advances in emergency care systems thinking, and outline a collaborative path forward to drive effective implementation strategies through research, education, and advocacy.

The session wil focus on devleoping and furthering strategic partnerships to advance emergency care systems worldwide. Specifically, it will: 1) Give updates from WHO's Emergency Care division on progress towards goals outlined in WHA 60.22. 2) Outline WHO's Emergency Care System Framework, especially as it relates to implementation of hte Emergency Care System Assessment tool, Triage Tool, Trauma Care Checklist, Medical Care Checklist, Basic Emergency Care Course and Minimum Data Set for Emergency Care. 3) Discuss the framework for developing partnerships between academic centers, government and international agencies that will advance emergency care system development. This will include focus on emergency care, education, research and administratie efforts. 4) Give best practices for partnership development (WHO, ICRC, IFEM, Academic Medical Center Consortium).  The format of the proposed pre-conference session will be combination of short didactic presentations, panel discussions and small group working sessions. The goal will be to provide participants with concrete tools to continue the global health emergency systems development process at their respective institutions and in partner countries.  Proposed discussions include: 1. Review of global mandates and their role in emergency care health systems development. WHA resolutions, SDGs, Decade of Action for Road Safety, 2. Outlining best practices: implementation of emergency care mandates. WHO implementation bundle.  3. All ways forward: Partnership, Implementation and Impact in Global Health

t he primary outcome of the preconference session will be to continue to catalyze partnerships in the further developed of effective implementation strategies of the global mandate to improve emergency care systems worldwide.  The goal would be to author a white paper outlining the specific findings of the satellite session.

* Agenda details are subject to change.